Essential Oils for Pregnancy/Birth Teleconference Recording (with special offers)

My blogging here has been sporadic that past several months at best as I’ve been navigating my family, doula clients, military life, and other passions, pursuits and responsibilities, but rest assured, I am still very focused on the empowerment of pregnant women and families. 

Finding my own power through my birth experiences was transformative and it has always been a joy to witness women having similar experiences and support them as they navigate their own path.

Over the past two years, I have found additional empowerment through extensive training and use of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  While my initial interest in essential oils was to support my doula clients (and they have been amazing for that), I have been shocked at how they have changed my life personally.  We currently use essential oils (50-70xs more powerful than dried herbs) daily for everything from stress and mood management, to cold and flu viruses (yes-they can cross the cell wall, unlike most antibiotics), skin tags, pink eye, sleep issues, and digestive problems (the list goes on . . .).  

 You can listen to the recording here if you missed it, or want to listen to it again.  We talked about how to manage pregnancy discomforts like mourning sickness and heartburn naturally, create a physically and emotionally supportive birth environment, prevent many health issues/complications during/after the birth, and use 100% pure and natural essential oils to care for your baby (issues like jaundice and diaper rash) and your self (milk supply and mastitis) during the post partum stage.   

I would love to hear what you thought of the class and any questions you have – feel free to email me; you just may be the inspiration for our next session! 

Interested in the $50 in free essential oils I mentioned on the call?  This special offer is for anyone interested in creating a NEW wholesale membership with dōTERRA essential oils. ~ (Sorry, not for those of us who already use them :( . . . ).  If you purchase any IPC enrollment package (or pay the $35 membership and select any combination of products ~ must be over 100 wholesale dollars of product, not including membership fee), you will automatically qualify for this promotion from dōTERRA.  Hurry because this is a limited-time offer!   

If you are ready to shop, go here, where you can purchase retail or join as a new member to take advantage of this special $50 credit offer (below on the left – select ‘sign up’ and ‘independent product consultant’).

Do you want a copy of the book by midwife/essential oil expert, Stephanie Fritz?  Those who choose to enroll as new members this month will have the opportunity for an additional special offer!  If you try out the OPTIONAL loyalty rewards program by making a 100 pv purchase in November, I will personally send you a free copy of “Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies” by Midwife Stephanie Fritz (must create new membership through my link above) as well as some bonus information/materials. 

Ready to learn more?  As I mentioned on the call, this session was just one of several educational calls in our series – you can listen to archived sessions through the following links:
Makeover your Medicine Cabinet, Cleaning Naturally with Essential Oils, Back to School with Essential Oils, and Emotional and Physcial Health.
Make sure you subscribe to my email list at to be notified of future events (and receive a free ebook).

Not sure what your next step should be?  I know that stepping into the world of essential oils can be confusing at times, but my team and I are here to support you every step of the way and make sure you get all your questions answered.  I am happy to offer a free private consultation via phone or skype to answer your questions, help you understand all your options, and walk you through the process of purchasing the essential oils that best suit your needs.  So excited to have you join us on this empowering journey!  Please email me with your contact info and availability to reqest a session.

Passionate about natural health and empowering others?  My dōTERRA business has been a great compliment to my childbirth business as an additional stream of income (providing a stable, residual income when my ‘traditional’ business income fluctuates).  I am thrilled to help others experience the essential oils produced by a company with integrity and see real results in their lives.  As someone with 7 years of college education and additional certifications, I never anticipated (over my dead body) working in direct sales, but dōTERRA is truly different and a partner I am proud to affiliate with (with a retention rate 3xs the national average, sales tripling each year since inception, and achieving the feat of becomgin the largest essential oil company in the world in less than 5 years).  Whether you are looking to change your health, your finances, or both, I’d love to help show you what dōTERRA is all about.

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